Tips For Those Who Create Documents On Their iPads

If you find yourself typing a lot when using your iPad, here are a couple of tips that will save you time.

The first has to do with adding apostrophes to words and periods to sentences.  Think automatic. Your operating system on your iPad (any version of the iPad) will add apostrophes to words that appear to need them. This applies to English words. I have no knowledge if this works in other languages, or for that matter, if other languages require apostrophes.

Say I type Im. The iPad changes it to I’m. If I type cant, the iPad changes it to can’t. You will find this feature on your Mac as well, at least in some of the apps you use.

If you don’t like this feature you can turn it off in the Systems icon.  Select General > Keyboard > turn off auto-correction.

Just about my favorite feature on my iPad is automatic periods at the end of sentences.  If you just tap the space bar twice at the end of a sentence, your iPad will add the period for you and start the next sentence with an initial cap.

You can disable this feature.  Select General > Keyboard > turn off Auto-capitalize.

One last time saver, you can easily accent letters as you type. For letters that commonly have accents, hold the letter key and a whole list of options appear in a box above the letter. Slide your finger to select the one you want.

If I want to type Perez and put an accent on the first  “e”, I would type P and then hold my finger down on the “e” key until my options appeared. I would slide my finger to the accent of choice and the “e” will be entered with the appropriate accent.  Then I could have Pérez.

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2 Responses to Tips For Those Who Create Documents On Their iPads

  1. mweston says:

    Great tips Nancy. I would love to have that feature on my MacBook (maybe it is and I just don’t know it ;-). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it would also remove improperly used apostrophes, such as: CD’s for sale. Car’s for sale. It’s tire is flat. (It’s = It is)

    • macnancy says:

      Oh yeah, I would love to have that feature on my Mac as well, but it is only a function of i0S 7 at this point. That is a good suggestion to send to Apple.

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