Ways To Save The Battery Life On An iPad

My 18 month old grandson has his own iPad and I have noticed lately that it will not stay charged more than a day. Granted, it is an iPad 1, but I still wondered if there was some way to keep the charge going longer than a day since the iPad must be removed from the child protective case each time it is charged.

So I did a little research and came across two good suggestions for prolonging battery life that are good across the board.

The first is to take the iPad out of any heat-trapping cases before you charge it up.  I have never heard this tip before, but it certainly sounds reasonable.

The second is to manually close any apps you’re not using. I think this is the solution to my grandson’s iPad problem because he just punches different apps all the time and once they are opened they stay open. This sounds like an end of the day task for grandma at this point.

Here is how you do that manual close in iOS 7.  Click the home button twice so that the multitasking screen appears.

tip 1 Multitasking Screen

The Multitasking Screen shows all the applications you currently have open.  Move through them with the swipe of your finger. Below each window is the icon for that particular app.

You can use this trick to quickly get back to apps you are currently using. Just tap the window.  You also can close any app by placing your finger on the open window and flipping it up toward the top of the screen. The app will close for you. (Note: you can close multiple apps at the same time by placing multiple finders on open windows and flipping them up all at once.)

If you are using an older version of the iOS the method of closing open apps is somewhat different.

Click the home button twice and a view of all the open apps will appear at the bottom of the screen. Hold your finger down on one app until a minus sign in a red circle appears. The minus sign will appear on all the open apps. To close any app, tap on the minus sign.


Working With Older Versions of the iOS

Hope these help. I’m off to delete apps.

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1 Response to Ways To Save The Battery Life On An iPad

  1. Brilliant, step by step tips! Never knew apps were such energy suckers!

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