Gift Suggestions – 10 and 11

Philips Wireless Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker

If you have teens or singers on your list, this might be a fun gift for them. From Philips, it is the  Wireless Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker.


The MSRP for this item is $99.95. The package includes a high quality microphone and speaker. It has good sound reproduction. It works with your iPad or iPhone and requires a free app called Karaoke + Auto-Tune. The app comes with a free starter library of hit songs and you can download additional songs at will. If you switch it to what they call battle mode, it deliberates and scores you on criteria like pitch, rhythm, range, and voice quality. Hold your own American Idol event.

You can use it to create demos. There is an auto-tune function, and lyrics are shown on screen.

Wireless Keyboards For iPads

There are many options to choose from when considering keyboards for iPads. I’m recommending the concept rather than a specific keyboard because some people will want a case that includes a keyboard and some will want just a keyboard. Some may want a travel size keyboard that folds.  My recommendation is to stick with companies with good reputations for creating Apple accessories.  For example:  Logitech, Kensington, Zagg, ZooGue, and Griffin.

For some people, like students, travelers, writers, etc., a keyboard with their iPad can be a wonderful aid.


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