Gift Suggestions 8 and 9

This first suggestion is a iPhone 5/5s case in real leather at a reasonable price. $34.95. It’s called the Wallstreet and it is from id America. I love, love this case. It is one of the best cases I have ever seen or used. My opinion of course.

It is made from real leather and it is soft and supple, yet thick enough to provide good protection for your phone. There is a card slot on the back. It comes in six colors.

20131117wallstreet3The case folds over the screen area about ⅛-in which provides screen protection when you lay it on a flat surface face down. There are good openings where needed and it is easy to use the sound buttons.



Because you are dealing with real leather here, the strips dividing the openings are very strong.

This next suggestion is an unusual item and is probably of the most interest to the iPhone photographers on your list. It is called the PhotoProX from Optrix. The price is $149.95. the clear case is waterproof up to 33 feet. It comes with 4 interchangeable, optical grade glass lenses, thus the price.



I hope these are helpful ideas. On a personal note, I am in the midst of some serious, very expensive and painful dental work but will keep posting as much as possible.



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