Gift Suggestions 6 and 7

Two more gift suggestions come your way. The first is rather exotic, but it will make a really cool gift.

The PowerPot from Power Practical is likely different from anything you have ever seen. It will make a perfect gift for campers or anyone who lives in a disaster prone part of the country. The PowerPot emits 5 watts of on demand power by simply adding water and placing on any heat source, including open flame. It comes with a  standard USB (5V) port and a three-foot flame-resistant cable. It is compatible with everything from your standard Mac products to lithium ion batteries. There is a solid-state voltage regulator that provides enough power to run speakers, lights, fans, and other low-power USB appliances. Users can also cook solid foods with it. The weight is only 30.3-oz (859-g). The MSRP is US $149.00.

20131031powerpot5 The PowerPot

This next one is software, but it is special software for Macs and worth every penny it costs.

CleanMyMac 2 from MacPaw is awesome.  It works wonders at keeping a Mac running smoothly while it eliminates unnecessary stuff like cache files, old logs, application extras, trash, and it is a great way to delete unwanted applications along with all their hidden bits and pieces. It works with OSX 10.7> including Mavericks. A license for one Mac is US $39.95 with discounts available for multiple machines. Since I have started using it I have removed 103.1 GB of unwanted stuff from my hard drive. It will remind you every two weeks that you should run it and if you start to delete an unwanted application, it will automatically open and offer to delete it for you. It doesn’t delete anything unless you give it permission.


CleanMyMac 2 Software Icon

Hope you feel inspired.

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