Gift Suggestions – 4, 5, and 6

Playing catch up here. Mavericks has taken up a lot of time.  Following are three more gift suggestions for the holidays.

The first is the BookBook Travel Journal from Twelve South.  It is an all-in-one leather travel case for all versions of the iPad or iPad mini. Room for all the essentials it can easily fit into most backpacks or bags. The measurements are 8 x 10.3 x 1.9-in (20.32 x 26.16 x 4.83-cm) and it weighs 16 ounces (0.45 kilograms). The MSRP is US $99.99. Want a gift for someone who pilots their own plane and uses an iPad for maps? This might be the perfect answer for them. I dread traveling because I end up with cords, chargers, head phones, and all the other stuff scattered in my suitcase or backpack. This product will eliminate that problem in an elegant way.



And speaking of backpacks, check out the Boa Shift backpack from Booq.  Booq makes quality stuff and the Boa Shift backpack for laptops is a prime example of that. Features include two elastic pop-out iPhone pockets, a densely padded laptop compartment, easy-access side pockets and a big main compartment for document storage and numerous storage pockets. Each bag also includes a Terralinq badge and serial number to help with recovery should it be lost. There are lots of images on the website. Just click on the link for this item. MSRP is US $149.95



Looking for something less expensive?  Check out the Kensington Wet Electronics Rescue Pouch for iPhones. This product is both a unique and useful gift option. The EVAP is a small bag that  contains a unique drying agent that safely removes the moisture from wet electronics preventing damage while quickly restoring use. The process takes between six and 24 hours to work. It is 700 percent more effective at removing moisture than rice and, at US $19.99, a lot cheaper than a new phone.



Have fun with these ideas. I’ll post a few more as soon as I can.

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    great useful blog, thanks to the blogger 🙂

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