Downloading Mavericks and My Favorite New Feature

Like half the world, I started downloading Mavericks yesterday, shortly after the end of the  media event. It took 10 hours and another 3 to install. Now, had I not been so impatient it would not have taken nearly that long, but today a friend gave me an after the fact tip. Since the download took so long, I could have speeded it up by clicking on the pause button and then when it paused, clicked on continue. My friend said it would have made a huge difference. I will try that next time I have a huge download to deal with.

It download and installation was perfect. I didn’t do anything other than make sure my Mac was backed up before I began the installation.

My favorite feature so far is the notification feature that lets me click a reply button and instantly open an email addressed to the sender. I don’t even have to have Mail open.

This is what it looks like:

newnotificationThis is a really cool feature as far as I am concerned. I also have the option of deleting a message if I wish, again without opening Mail at all. What a time saver this is going to be.

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