First iOS 7 Tip -Locking Screen

It took me several hours, off and on, to figure this one out. I don’t like for my screen on my iPads or iPhone to flip every time I move the device. Drives me nuts. The first thing I wanted to do after installing iOS 7 was to lock the screens of my iPads in landscape mode.

Here is how to do it. You’re welcome.

Open the Settings icon and look for Control Center. It’s something that is new with iOS 7. Turn on the two options. When you can see green they are on. All white, they are off.


Control Center

Once you have authorized Control Center then you can access it on your devices. To access it you swipe up from the bottom and the Control Center appears. (I found it took some practice to make the “swiping” work the first time.)

If you want landscape saved, turn your device so that you see the landscape view. Then swipe up. The following image is the Control Center opened on my iPad mini. Tap the screen orientation lock icon and your screen is locked. To unlock it just tap it again.

os7-1Tap the lock icon to lock your screen in the visible orientation.

This new way of completing this task is actually much faster and easier than previous versions. Once you learn how to do it.

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5 Responses to First iOS 7 Tip -Locking Screen

  1. Frank says:

    I actually prefer the setting under General:

    Lock Rotation

    I select Lock Rotation on my iPad because I change the rotation much more than I change the mute.

  2. Either way, thanks for sharing this. Drives me nuts too when it keeps flipping. And when it comes to be nuts, I don’t need any help.

  3. Jen says:

    I have iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPhone 5, all running ios7 but I can’t get the iPhone to lock in landscape mode like my other devices. I just switched from iphone 4 to the 5 and have always and still can lock rotation using the side switch (mute) but the iPhone 5 doesn’t show that option in general settings and side switch only mutes. Control center locks only to portrait when I’m in landscape position. Help!!!! I’ve tried reloading software and still unable to use landscape orientation lock.

    • macnancy says:

      Hi Jen,

      I had never encountered this problem because I am perfectly happy to keep my phone in portrait mode, but when I started investigating it, I discovered that the only option available to me in iOS 7 is portrait on or portrait off. As you note, there is no option to set landscape as the preferred mode. I can’t find a way around that problem, but I have a couple of suggestions. First, wait a few days until iOS 8 is released and see if the problem is fixed there. If that is not an option for you, try calling the Apple help line (1-800 275 2273) and see what they suggest. Be sure and have your phone’s serial number handy before you call. (settings > general > about. scroll down to the serial number option.) Wish I could be more help.

  4. NormM says:

    They still haven’t fixed this in iOS8, in fact it’s gotten worse. It used to be that both Safari and iBooks would never turn the screen upside down. So as long as you lay in bed with the home button on the raised side, you’d remain in landscape. Didn’t even need to lock it! They’ve “fixed” this for iBooks (but not Safari) in iOS8, so that no longer works.

    The only way to get what you want now, as far as I know, is to use Assistive Touch. It’s a bit convoluted, but google for “lock landscape assistive touch” and you’ll find out how to do it.

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