Gift Suggestion No. 2 – Just Mobile

In this second edition of recommended gifts for the upcoming holidays I am focusing on several new products from the same company.  The company, Just Mobile, has a product line of 30 different products and they have won numerous design awards. I have reviewed several of their products over the years and they all have two things in common – they are made of high grade aluminum, and they are extremely well designed and well crafted.

The following products, in addition to being new, are also relatively inexpensive and would make great gifts for co-workers, friends, or family who are Apple product users. In each case, the “silver look” on the products is high grade aluminum.

I’ve made all these images fairly large so you can see the details of each product.

The Highway Duo (US $39.95) works with your car’s cigarette lighter to charge either an iPhone or iPad. It includes a built-in fuse to protect from power surges. It has an additional USB port that allows for simultaneously charging. The cable is coiled and has a built-in Apple-certified Lightning connector.


Highway Duo

The Highway Max (US 24.95) is similar to the High Duo except that it has two ports. Both ports are 2.1A.  It too includes a built-in fuse to protect from power surges and an Apple-certified Lightning connector.

highwaymaxHighway Max

The AluCable (US $24.95) Like all the rest of these products, the cable itself is very high quality. It features a USB connector at one end and an Apple-certified Lightning connector at the other. It is finished in premium aluminum. I usually caution against purchasing third-party cables for Apple products because a poorly made one can cause havoc with your product, even catch on fire, and you have to be sure you get Apple-certified connectors. You don’t have to worry about this one, it is superior. It works with iPhone and iPad.



The AluCable Twist (US $24.94)  I love this product and have already ordered some to use as gifts. It has all the features of the AluCable with the addition of curled cable. The twist in the cable is great for space conscious users. It stretches from 3.94-in to 0.71-in (10cm to 1.8m).

alucabletwistAluCable Twist

The AluCable Mini (US $19.95)  has all the features of the other AluCable styles, except is short and compact with a tangle-free cable. It works with iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It is 3.94-in long (10cm), and also includes the Apple-certified Lightning connector.


AluCable Mini

Check these out if you are looking for practical, inexpensive gifts. While you are at the site you will find some additional, uniquely designed products.

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2 Responses to Gift Suggestion No. 2 – Just Mobile

  1. Mary Wildavsky says:

    Dear MacNancy, Sometimes we think things, but dont act. I just want to say that as a life-long Mac user (since my techie son suggested we purchase the 512K to help his autistic brother, I have been a Mac user, so I feel that after 25 + years I know quite a bit about them. But I love your blog and always learn something new, so it is not so “beginner”-ish at all. Many thanks for your enthusiasm, your insights, and keep up the good work. I am a big fan!

    Mary Sent from my iPad

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