Cautionary Tale About Updating iOS Apps

With the upcoming release of the new OS 7 there is a caution that everyone should be aware of.

As existing apps are updated so that they are compatible with the new OS, those updates may no longer work if you have an old iPad or iPhone that won’t handle the new OS.

As a real life example, my 14 month old grandson has his own iPad. This is primarily a strategy to protect our more current iPads. His iPad is an original iPad because that is all he needs to play the games and music he likes. There is a game that he particularly likes, but to my surprise when I routinely updated it, it stopped working on his iPad. This is a major problem!  You try explaining to a 14 month old where his game went.

I could have prevented this problem had I been more astute and checked iTunes to see the requirements for the update.  It only takes a minute or two to make sure you are not cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Fortunately, I was able to salvage this debacle by deleting the updated version from his iPad, (Hold down the icon until it starts shaking and you see the x in the upper left corner. Tap the x and you will get a message asking if you really meant to delete it. When you indicate that you do, the app will disappear from the iPad) and then connecting the iPad to my computer and opening  iTunes. You need to do the connection so that you bypass iCloud which is going to have the updated version. Then you can reinstall the original app and be home free. Of course, I must never again update that app on his iPad.

There is one caveat though. If you have set up iTunes to automatically sync your device as soon as it is connected to iTunes this won’t work. You need to add the original app back on the iPad before you sync.

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