The New iPhones and Links to Make Your Purchase Easier

Most all Apple customers know that Apple introduced two new iPhones yesterday. The 5c which has a plastic cover, and the 5s which is the new state of the art phone. The 5c will be available for pre-order starting 9/13/13. The 5s will not be available for preorder. You can order one 9/20/13 or get one at a local Apple store.

A lot of people, myself included, turned up our noses at the thought of Apple producing a cheaper iPhone, but since that first response, I have changed my mind. The 5c, which starts at US $99 with contract allows people who don’t need, or can’t afford all the bells and whistles available on the 5s. It is a nice price for parents who need to outfit their kids with phones, but the primary market for the phones will probably be China and then India.

Mobile service in China is primarily provided by the state owned China Mobile Communications Corp. They currently have 700 million customers. That’s more people than the population of the U.S. The company had 181,200 employees in 2012. There is a big difference in phone purchases in China – they are not subsidized by the carrier. No $99 phones for them. They have to pay full price and then some customers get lower rates. Even with the 5c the price is expected to be around US $700 in China. Apple has just signed a deal with China Mobile so that they will carry the iPhones. Apparently the new 5c meets their technical requirements.

This paragraph has been removed because I discovered I had included  incorrect information about the button that controls the ring volume on the 5s. My sincere apologies.

My three favorite features in the new operating system, that work only with the 5s are the fingerprint reader for security, (No more passcodes and no one else can access your phone) the ability to control spam on your phone, and the new slide up transparent window that lets you do many things you now have to go to the settings icon to do. Note though that the fingerprint reader only works on the new 5s. The following is a correction from the original entry: The other two, and many others will work on any phone that will accept the new OS 7.

So, here is the info I want to share that will help you make your purchase and transition easier. Apple and most of the carriers are allowing tradein’s for your old phone. There are also sites that will buy it outright. For your carriers or Apple check their web sites and see what the offer is. Example: Apple will give me US $250 for my current iPhone 5. Since my contract is up, I can get a subsidized phone for as little as US $200. Subsidized means you sign a new two year contract.

This link is to OSXDaily. It tells you all the steps you should follow to prepare your current phone and preserve your information before you sell it.

This link to Root Metrics lets you compare the service delivery for all the different carriers in your area. If you are thinking about changing carriers this is a good site to visit. And also be aware that if you purchase your phone from an Apple store you have the option of changing back to your old carrier at no charge if you decide you don’t like the new one. You’ll have to check at your store about the time limit for this feature. One very important thing about changing carriers – if you are grandfathered in for unlimited data you will loose that feature if you change carriers. I believe Sprint is the only company that still gives unlimited data plans to new customers, but this is something you will have to check out.

This link to AppleInsider compares all the trade-in programs currently available.

If you want to see the keynote from yesterday’s announcements you can catch it here.

Many thanks to Michael Sidoric from Capitol Macintosh Users Group (CapMac) for putting together these links and sharing them.

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