Gift Suggestion No. 1- RAVPower Charger

Between now and the holidays I am going to periodically include product recommendations for things I have personally reviewed and tested and that I think will make good, reasonably priced gifts. This first one is for the RAVPower Dynamo On-the-Go Power Bank.

The Product

RAVPower’s Dynamo-On-the-Go super high capacity charger (model RP-PB07) has 10,400mAh capacity and will charge an iPhone or iPod and an iPad at the same time. Inside the case are Grade A+ Samsung batteries with molded aeronautic material casing.


There are two USB ports, clearly marked as 1A and 2A. Output for 1A is DC5V/1A and for the 2A it is DC 5V/2A. The charger is compact, measuring 4.4 x 2.76 x 0.83-in (11.17 x 7.01 x 2.11-cm) and weighing 8.04 ounces (229.63 grams). A one year limited warranty accompanies the product.


The package includes the charger, two USB to micro-USB cables, a USB charger, flannel bag, and a good, helpful little manual. The manual includes directions in English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese.


 Using It

The size of this compact charger makes it easy to transport in pocket, purse, or bag. The power button and four LED lights that monitor charge status are located on the top and are easy to access. I like the fact that the USB ports are labeled so that it is easy to tell which one will recharge an iPad. I charged my iPad mini from 52 percent capacity to 100 percent capacity in a little over an hour.

The MSRP for this product is US $69.99. I found it on Amazon  for only US $29.99

 Why I Recommend It

It works quickly and efficiently and has lots of power. In addition to working well with Apple products, the inclusion of two USB to micro-USB cables makes this product a good candidate for gifts for friends and relatives who are not Apple users. I’m giving one to my brother who pilots his own plane and uses an iPad to access all the maps he needs. Up in the air is not a good time to have your iPad run out of battery life.


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