Siri To The Rescue

Siri is there (on your iPhone) so let it do the work for you. To get to Siri hold down the Home button until you hear the beeps.

Tell Siri to create new notes for you. Say “Note”. Siri will say “Ok, I can create that note for you. Tell me what you want to say.” Then just dictate the note.


Use Siri to search your notes. When Siri opens, say something like, Find my note about …..  Siri will find you the notes that fit the search criteria you created. Then you can touch the result that you want and be taken directly to that note. Be sure to be specific with your criteria. For instance, if I had said “Find my note on musicals I need to purchase”, it would not work because I said need but the note says want.


Use Siri to add to existing notes. Say something like “Add White Christmas to my note on Musicals I want to purchase”. Siri will make the change and take you to the note to demonstrate that it has been done.


Use Siri to search your iPhone. For example “Siri, search my calendar for any events with Michael”. Or, “Siri, find emails from Michael”. Or Siri, search my calendar for birthdays in September”.


The new iPhones are coming soon and the rumor is that Siri will be even more powerful (and even have voice options!).  Get used to using it and you will enjoy your iPhone experience even more.



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