Adding Notes to documents

A gentleman who read my post on using Stickies wrote to ask about some kind of sticky note that could be attached to documents, such as Microsoft Word. He said that notes on his desktop were not a help.

I’m not sure exactly what he envisioned, but I can point out that comments, which function like sticky notes can be added with any frequency desired to both Word and Pages documents. My copy of Microsoft Word is about three generations back (I hate Microsoft Word) so the function might be a little different, but I will show how it is done.

In Word, click inside or next to the sentence you want to comment on and then choose Comments from the Word toolbar. If it doesn’t show up, you can select Comment from the Insert menu. You will get a little box that appears in the margin in which you can make any note you wish.

comment MSW

Adding Comments Using Word

Adding comments in Pages works the same way. Just looks different.


Adding Comments Using Pages

In either application you can tie the comment to a specific word, number, etc. (as illustrated in the Pages example) by clicking next to that item before you select the comments option.

I hope this solves the problem.

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