Mail Searching – Faster

I think this is just too cool because it saves me all kinds of work. It has to do with finding messages fast.

I have five email addresses and each one has its own mail box. The mail in each box is sorted by date and time received so that the most recent messages are always on top and easy to find. I imagine most of you sort yours the same way.

But, what if you need to search for messages from a specific person. You can go to the search window and enter a subject, or a person, or even dates.


But I often find that even when I do this, I can’t find what I want and I’m not always sure which email address the sender has used.

Here is a quick trick to organize your mail by name and it doesn’t have to conflict with the way you organize it for individual email addresses. They can all stay organized by date if that is your preference.

Instead of clicking on an individual mail account, such as, click on the primary mail box –

20130808mailWith that open, you can sort messages, say by sender, and that sort will not effect the sorting of any of your individual accounts. You can do this even if you only have one email address.

There are four categories – Sender, Subject, Date Received and Mailbox. Click on the one you want to sort and it will automatically sort the entries for you either first to last, or last to first.

20130808mail2You need to find messages from your good friend, Jim Sample, you just scroll down to the   j’s and you will find all the messages from Jim lumped together.

I hope some of you find this trick to be as helpful as I do.

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