Sending Messages Via Siri

Back in April I published a post on how to get Siri to answer your emails on your iPhone. This tip is also about using Siri on your iPhone or iPad, but this time I am covering creating and typing your message.

Open Siri and say “Write an email to (name) about (subject).

Siri will create a small window that shows the email has been created. If you have more than one email address for the recipient, Siri will ask you which one to use. You will also be asked which of your own email address you want to use as the sender if you have more than one.

20130805 Siri Image

Then Siri will ask you what you want it to say. You dictate your message and when Siri thinks you are finished, Siri will ask if you are ready to send it. (You can make corrections at this point if needed.) Say “yes” and tap the Send button. Siri will tell you that your message is being sent.

Note: When dictating the recipient name, be sure to limit it to two words, otherwise it will throw the third word onto the subject line. I had to say “send a message to Nancy Gravley”. Then when I chose the email address of the recipient it put in the whole name because that is the way it is listed in my address book. So, now the message is showing that the message is going to Nancy Carroll Gravley.

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