The Death of My iPad mini

My iPad mini died on Sunday. Yeah, the new mini, the one I purchased last December. On Saturday it worked fine. I plugged it in Saturday night to charge and on Sunday morning it was deader than the preverbal doornail. I tried two cables, two connectors, and two wall outlets. Nope, it was definitely dead.

So Monday afternoon I took it to the Apple Store and thirty minutes later I walked out with a brand new iPad mini.There was something wrong with the connections to the battery on the old one. It was still under warranty so it was fully covered.

I never broke a sweat over this because I had everything backed up. I have started creating Keynote presentations on my iPad so I don’t have to take my Mac when I do presentations. I don’t want to lose that stuff, or anything else on my iPad, so I just back it up. It seems simple to me. I’ve backed up my iPad since the week I got it.

I live in what we call Tornado Alley and we say the only reason you haven’t been in a tornado is that one hasn’t gotten there yet. The same thing is true for your computer related products. The only reason you haven’t lost your stuff is your product hasn’t died yet.

Just back up.

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