FolderBrander To The Rescue

My desktop looks like a list of all the things needed for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not kidding. I have 91 items (documents, folders, screen shots) on my desktop right this minute and I will need them all within the next 3 or 4 days. Some of it has to do with product reviews, some with my editing job, and some with our Mac users group, but all of it is important and I have to keep it straight. (Well, the baby pictures don’t HAVE to be right there in plain sight, but there are only two of them.)

And, yes, I know that is what folders are for, but see (violin strings here) if you are editing a huge document that has seven parts and each part has a different number and each numbered part has five parts and at least 20 numbered images, you can’t just stuff them all in a single folder.

AND, we all know that those little blue folders all look alike and it doesn’t really matter how you organize things, it still can become difficult to find what you need when you are moving back and forth between projects.

AND, you can name folders any name you want, but only so many letters or words are going to show up.

So, the obvious solution is to find a way to identify folders so that they stand out.

A few years ago I found a really fast, free way to do that, and when I remember to do it, things run a lot smoother.

The solution is a little free app called FolderBrander.


It lets you take your existing little blue folder, slide it into a window and change the look and add a name or other identifier to the folder itself.  There are five folder sets built in and you can add as many more sets as you wish.


Folder Icon Modified Using FolderBrander

When you first open it, you get this starter window. Drag the folder icon that you want to modify into the box so designated.

20130530fb1 Choose your new folder shape by clicking on your choice (black arrow). Enter your text and select style and color (blue arrow). Adjust slant (red arrows). There are a couple of other options for letters, but I have found that the cleaner I keep my text the easier it is to read it quickly. When you are finished click on Apply and your new folder icon will be in place.

If you want to add more folder choices you click on the plus sign next to Custom, name your new set, and drag and drop folders in place. You can find lots of free folder icons on the Internet, just be sure to search for free Mac icons.

fb4I know I am not the only one who has this problem so I hope those of you who share my problem will also enjoy my solution.


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