Temporarily Moving The Dock

I got an email today with the following question.

In my universe the Dock goes on the bottom of my screen.  I’m sorry, but that is just the way it is.  When it is moved somewhere else my eyes twitch, my hands sweat, and monsters appear under the bed.  IT IS NOT PRETTY.  Well, OK, maybe it is not really that bad, but you once wrote about a secret for moving the Dock around easily and quickly without constantly having to reset the Dock in the preferences. It was in your column. Can you give it again?

There is a fast and easy way to temporarily move your Dock out of the way, and since I share your need to have the Dock safely grounded on the bottom of my screen, I know how to do it.  In fact, I know how to do it in older versions of the OS and in the current versions as well, which tells you how much I do this little trick.

In older versions – Place the cursor over the vertical line on the right side of the dock and hold down the mouse button and the shift key.  Start dragging the cursor to the right or left side of your screen and the dock will pop to that side of the screen out of the way.  When you are ready to move it back to the bottom, repeat the process and the Dock will pop back to its home base on the bottom of the window.

In Mountain Lion, and as I recall, in Lion, place your cursor on that same line, hold down the right mouse button and a contextual menu opens. One of the options is “Position on Screen”.  Click on it and make your choice. Do it again to move it back in place.


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