The Window is To Big For the Screen

Problem: a Window on your screen is too big to resize, it looks like it is hanging off the screen. You can’t grab hold of the bottom right corner to drag to resize because you can’t see the bottom right corner. You may not even be able to see the scroll bars or the title bar.

Why does this happen? Sometimes it is because you hit a zoom function when you didn’t mean too, but frequently it happens because you are using an external monitor and there is a dichotomy in the resolution between your laptop and your external monitor.

When it has happened to me there have been times I couldn’t figure out why it happened. I just wanted it fixed.

Click in the window you want to resize. If you can see the three buttons in the window titlebar you can try clicking the green button. That should resize the window for you.

If you can’t, try this. It will work for most of the apps you have. Click in the window you want to resize and select the Window menu and then select Zoom.


Select the Zoom Function 

Now here is where it gets technical. When you click Zoom, it will “un-zoom”. Your page will resize to a normal setting and you can continue working. There are some third-party apps that don’t offer this feature, but when I can get Microsoft Excel to do it, I figure almost everything else will have it too.

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