Page Up, Page Down, Get Where You Want To Go

Sometimes I surprise myself with how obtuse I can be. Granted, I looked for a solution for this particular problem, but I didn’t look in the right place and I didn’t ask. I have put up with a very annoying problem since the day Mountain Lion was released and all the time the solution was right on my keyboard.

I use an external monitor and external keyboard with my 13 inch MacBook Pro. I also use a mouse, determining almost from the first that I do not like the trackpad. I frequently work with very long documents created in Pages. Many are 40 or more pages and I frequently have to scroll up and down throughout the documents for various reasons.

In Mountain Lion when you use the scroll bars you don’t have a lot of control over where you “land” on a page. Sometimes the scroll bar will take on a life of its on and move up all the way to the beginning of the document when you don’t want it to. Sometimes when you try to use the scroll bar to move up between pages, you have no control over how far it goes up, or where it stops. I know I can place my cursor inside the scroll bar and click to move the pages up in small increments, but they are usually not the increments I need.

When I am alone and this happens, I say bad words.

Well, turns out my extended keyboard has these two little keys labeled page up and page down. Well, whatayouknow. They work! And if you hold down the option key while you press either one the cursor will jump to the middle of each page, allowing you to do what you need to do or see what you need to see on that page.


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