Find Your Lost iPhone (or iPad)

Think you can never lose your iPhone because you paid so much for it that you will never let it out of your sight? Think you are always careful with your stuff and it can’t happen to you? Yeah, me too. But guess what? I lead a group of 200+ Mac users and after our meetings it can get pretty hectic. I often use my phone to time the speaker so I can intervene when it is necessary to move on with the meeting. So, use phone > leave on table > go back to podium > give out door prizes > thank speaker > some members want attention > leave meeting room > phone stays on table.

Fortunately for me, someone found it before I left the very crowded restaurant and returned it to me. I never realized it was missing.

I mention this to reinforce the importance of using the Find My Phone feature.

Open Settings on your phone (or iPad). Select iCloud and make sure you have Find My Phone turned on.

findphoneShould you need to use it at any point, this is what you must do.

On any other i device open the Find My iPhone App, or from your desktop computer open Log into your app using the Apple ID that your lost iDevice is registered under. Your Apple ID is the same one you use to purchase apps or music from the App store. Tap on the name of the device you are looking for and the app will search. Within seconds you will see a map that shows you exactly where your phone (or iPad) is located.

There is only one “Find My….” app. It works for all your i Devices. When you open the app and get ready to search there is a small button in the upper left corner labeled Devices. Touch it and you will see all the i devices you have registered.


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