An iPhone Siri Tip

This tip is a good way to take advantage of Siri when using your iPhone, but first I have to tell a tale on myself.

When I first got an iPhone with Siri I played around with it like most everyone else and shortly after I got it, my grown up grandson and his girl friend came for a visit. I was trying to show off how cool Siri was and I told Siri to send a text message to my daughter to meet us at Chuy’s for dinner.

Siri replied “I don’t understand Chuy’s”. I turned to my grandson and said “Oh crap, I should have spelled out Chuy’s.” Siri said “I don’t understand crap.”

Now my whole family knows I talked like that in front of my grandson.

Here is my tip. You can dictate a quick reply to an email using Siri.

With your email open, open Siri by holding down the home button until Siri opens. When Siri asked how she may help you, say “Reply”. She will ask you what you would like your email to say. You dictate a reply. When Siri thinks you have finished she will ask if you are ready to send it. You tap the send button and Siri sends it for you. Easy as can be.


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