Companies I Can Recommend

For those who don’t know, I review products for The Mac Observer . I have no way of knowing how many products I have reviewed, but it falls somewhere between 350 – 450.  From the time I started to keep an accurate ledger it rests at 337.

During that time I have identified companies that consistently produce quality products. I measure that by how well designed and well crafted they are and sometimes am able to throw in uniqueness and usefulness. But I have seen some really unique items that I thought had limited appeal.

Anyhow, for what it’s worth, following is a random list of five companies that I recommend absolutely to anyone who asks.

ZooGue for cases. Owner Tim Angel is totally committed to creating the very best, and the ZooGue cases are heavy duty, unique, and very useful. They also hold up over the long haul.

Kensington for cases and stylus. Kensington is a big company with lots of money for R & D and it shows in their products. Their cases are sturdy and they make a good iPad case with keyboard. Their stylus are unique and they last. They have some that have a stylus on one end and a pen on the other.

Just Mobile  for accessories. Their products are unique, useful, and beautiful. When you see their web site for the first time you will think you are looking at an arm of Apple because their all aluminum products are so complimentary to Apple products. One of my current favorites is their HeadStand™ which holds your expensive headphones up off your desk, but in easy reach. Another is their AluPen™ + AluCube™ which is a stylus and holder so you can always find your stylus on your desk. The Just Mobile stylus is quite different from the Kensington stylus and both have excellent, unique features.

Waterfield is the place to go for bags if you want the best of the best. Based in San Francisco, Waterfield makes each bag to specification using ballistic nylon (used in bullet-proof vests), real leather, and beautiful industrial-strength hardware. They have bags of all kinds and sizes and it takes a couple of weeks to get your bag, with your color choices, made and shipped to you. These bags are made to last for years and years and the most appreciated gifts I have ever given to Mac users were bags from Waterfield.

i-mego makes headphones. A lot of companies make headphones. i-mego makes good headphones that are good without requiring a bank loan and they always have something extra in look and sound quality. I’m not one who has the time to sit and listen to music through headphones or to record extensively using headphones, but if I did have that time, I would look first to i-mego to find just the headphones to meet my needs.

Like I said, this is a short list, but I have reviewed enough products from each of them that I am very comfortable recommending them.

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