Setting Proper Time Zones In iCal When Traveling

I was lamenting to a friend recently about how much trouble I had keeping my schedule correct when I went to Macworld because of the time zone problem. Macworld is in California (pacific time zone) and I live in Texas (central time zone). I told my friend the contorted way I made sure I set up my schedule so the California times would show.

There was a dead silence on the other end of the phone and he said, “umm, there is an easier way to do that”. So, here is the easier (and correct) way and you only have to do the basic step once.

In iCal, open the preferences. Calendar > Preferences > Advanced Tab. Put a check in the box next to Turn on time zone support.


Then, when you enter an appointment or event that will take place in another time zone just select the correct time zone from the menu.


Yes, I could feel really dumb, but I’m just glad I discovered it to use next time.

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