Projecting your iPhone or iPad onto a Screen For Demonstration Purposes

This tip is not for everyone, but if you have ever wanted to project what you are doing on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on a wall or movie screen so you could demonstrate how to do something, the solution is now available.

It works with both a Mac or PC, but I am only writing about using it with a Mac. PC folks will have to fend for themselves if there are any differences. Your Mac must be running OS X 10.6.8 or greater.

Start at the website for an app called Reflector. Download the app to your Mac. A single use license is US $12.99, a multi-pack of five licenses is US $54.99. You only have to install it on your Mac. there are no corresponding apps for your “i” devices.

At this point you are ready to use it. In my opinion the instructions for using it, as provided on the web site, are insufficient. I would still be trying to figure it out had I not had access to someone who knew more about the operating system of my iPhone and iPad than I did, so allow me to provide some step-by-step instructions. Believe me, if you ever need this app, it is worth it.

Open the app on your Mac. The only way you will know it is open is that you will see it as the active app in your tool bar.


On your Mac, with the Reflector app as your active app, choose Reflector > Preferences and put a check mark next to Use my Mac’s name and click the Done button. Of course, if you are making a presentation somewhere and using some other Mac, be sure to change this preference for that presentation.


Select your device of choice. By-the-way,  you can project more than one “i” device on screen if needed. For instance, if you wanted to show how iTunes works on two different devices.

The first step is to double tap your home button quickly until the hidden dock listing all the apps you have open appears. scroll left to right with your finger as far as you can go, until you get to the end and see this:

reflector2That round button is the Air Play button. Tap it, and you get a screen similar to the following. What you get will depend on which device you are using but you will see the name of the AirPlay name you selected within the Reflector app. Highlight that one –

mirroring1and as soon as you do the mirroring subheading will open. Swipe to turn it on.

mirroringThe instant you turn it on, your device will be displayed on your desktop and via the appropriate attachment cables, projected to a wall or projection screen.

fullscreenEvery action you take on your device will automatically be projected. It is such a great training tool.

To exit, go back to the hidden dock, access the AirPlay button and turn off mirroring.

The next time you want to use Reflector you will have to turn the mirroring back on.






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    Cool article, thanks a lot!

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