Macworld 2013 – SlingShot

Slingshot is an interesting little accessory for the iPhone 5 that I found at Macworld 2013.   It stands 4 feet inches off the table top and holds your iPhone 5 in a stable mode for viewing or taking pictures. The tripod stand is adjustable and the stand can even be folded into one piece so that the SlingShot can be held in your hand for taking shots or videos. The top portion holding the iPhone is also adjustable and can be adjusted for ease of viewing.

SlingShot in Viewing Mode

SlingShot in Viewing Mode

Side View

Side View

The handle is hard rubber, but the part that holds the iPhone 5 is soft and pliable. This flexibility is very much an asset to this accessory because it allows so much freedom of movement when inserting and removing the phone. Also, note that my iPhone 5 is wearing it’s case (a red ZooGue case). It was not necessary to remove the case before using the SlingShot. There is no guarantee that all different size cases will work, but I tried it with several and found them all easy to use. I did not have a heavy duty, extra thick case to try out.

Another thing to notice is that the camera lens is completely free of obstruction, even when wearing a case.

View of Camera Lens on back of case

View of Camera Lens on back of case

The SlingShot sells for US $19.95 with free shipping from the company website.

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1 Response to Macworld 2013 – SlingShot

  1. macnancy says:

    My fingers typed feet, my head was thinking inches. I hope that did not cause anyone any grief. Thanks to reader Tom Weaver, who saw this item at Macworld for catching my error.

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