Macworld 2013 – xPrintServer

For a member of the press Macworld is always a place to see old friends and new products and this year is no exception. This is day two of the 2013 edition of Macworld and San Francisco is absolutely beautiful with warm weather, sunny skies, and cool breezes.

Old friends abound and you never know who you will run into around the next corner. New, innovative products are found in every booth.  Of course, there are some not so great ones, but Macworld is the place to identify those as well.

I’m going to try and highlight some of the products that I think are particularly interesting in the next few columns.

The first is the xPrintServer by Lantronix.  It allows anyone to print wirelessly from all their iOS devices to virtually any printer using the native print menu installed in their device. It works with more than 4,000 top brand USB and network printers. The XPrintServer is the length of my iPhone and about ¾-in high. To install it the user plugs it into an electrical outlet. That’s all, just plug it in. There is no software and no apps required. The company reps told me that the CEO refused to have the product released for sale until his mother could remove it from the box and set it up without needing any assistance.


Image of server

The xPrintServer is available in a home version for US $99.95 and an office version US $199.95. The package includes an RJ45 CAT45 CAT5 Ethernet Cable and a 5VDC powder adapter with regional adaptors.

xprint1That’s the first on that I really like. I’ll add more as quickly as my schedule allows.

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