Macworld 2013 – The Across iPad Case

There are times at Macworld that you find products created and crafted with great love and care by individuals. Sometimes those products only have mass appeal in the eyes of the creator. Such is not the case for the Across iPad case and it’s brother the Platforma.


Both case’s are from Strotter and although this is mostly about the Across (because we gave it a Mac Observer Editor Choice Award), either are excellent depending on your personal needs.

The Across safely transports your iPad 2, 3, or 4, across your shoulder or at your back anywhere you want to go.  Then it lets you instantly turn your case into a working surface.


The case has very sturdy grommets at each corner and the strap is attached to two of them with equally sturdy hook and loop closures. Once you reach your destination and are standing around, you can move one end of the strap to a lower  grommet on the same side to provide balance, flip the case over, open the protective cover, and you have a sturdy stand that gives you a work surface for typing, drawing, or even reading or game playing. When finished, flip the lid closed, move the strap back to the top grommet and off you go.

The Across is available in black in either genuine leather (US $99.00 or synthetic leather (US $55.00). The best way to really understand either of these cases is to check out the web site noted above. Video’s explain them much better than words ever could.


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