New Year’s Resolution Wish For Web Designers

If I could impose a New Years resolution on web designers who take orders for items on line, it would be this. Please stop including pull-down menu’s that list states. It’s cool that you know how to do it. I know how to do it too, but it is such a pain to have to stop entering data just to open that stupid menu to indicate my state.

I enter my first name, then my last. Then I enter my city. Then I have to take my hands off the keyboard to access the states pull-down menu to select the state with my mouse. Then I go back to the keyboard to finish up with my zip code, phone number, etc. PLEASE, just let me type in my state abbreviation. I really do know what it is. You can trust me on this.

OK, I feel better now. I know it won’t make any difference, but since it is impractical to refuse to do business with all the sites that impose this nonsense on us, at least I can complain.


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2 Responses to New Year’s Resolution Wish For Web Designers

  1. Mollyavalon says:

    The reason for using the drop-down is to constrain the entries to only allowable states. You would probably be irked if you got an error message for entering KA for Kansas, for example, especially because the error messages appear AFTER you’ve entered everything on the form.

    Here’s a trick, which you probably know: When you tab to the state list, type the first letter of the state rather than using the mouse. In my case, Kansas is first in the K’s, and it takes me right there. I hit tab again and go to the next field. In the case of a state name that begins with a letter shared by others, you will have to type the beginning letter again. So if you live in Kentucky, hit K twice. No need to use the mouse to select. Just press tab to go to the next field.

    • macnancy says:

      Well, thank you kindly ma’am. I did not know about your trick and I appreciate you sharing it. I still think most people who are smart enough to use the internet are smart enough to know the two digit abbreviation for their state, but since I can’t control what other people do, I can at least use your nice tip and keep my irritation under control.

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