A Very Unusual and Inexpensive Holiday Gift Suggestion

If you like to give the unique and unexpected and have a small budget I have a suggestion for you. This is for your computer literate friends and family.

Make it possible for them to create their own personal font. It cost about US$10 and all the directions and forms are available on the web site http://www.yourfonts.com. I’m not affiliated with them in any way and I’m not getting anything for suggesting this, I just think it’s cool.

One thing I found that makes the process easier is to create your letters with a very light pencil and when you are happy with them, go over them with the permanent marker. Then, with a gum eraser lightly erase any pencil lines that might show. It can be frustrating to do it in permanent marker only and get the whole page done, only to make a mistake when you are almost finished. You can download the forms as many time as needed, but I think my way is easier.

Here is what I did. I got a gift certificate code and put a few directions in a simple card and put that in a small bag with a pencil and gum eraser. It was a big hit.

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