In-Depth Email Search Using Apple Mail

I don’t know how many email messages you have saved, but for most of us, the number is high. There are times you need to find one of those messages right now. If you are searching for something from or to someone with whom you correspond frequently it makes it even harder to quickly find what you need.

Here is a trick you can use when you find yourself in that situation. Thanks to Bill Oakey for this tip. To protect the privacy of my correspondents I have chosen a very simple example, but it demonstrates the method.

In the Mail search field enter your first search criteria, such as the sender’s name.

Add First Search Criteria

Then click the Message contains area which gives you options.

Get Your Search Options

Click on the blue menu bar and choose your search criteria. In this example we are using “from”.

Highlight Your Search Choice

Next, enter a second search criteria following the first one and again, click on the Message contains option.

Enter Your Second Search Criteria And Choose Message Contains Option

Again, you will get a blue pull-down menu. In this example, choose “to”.

Choose Your Second Search Criteria

Now you can enter additional search criteria. If you are entering your final criteria, you don’t have to get the menu, but you may if you wish. If you are going to select additional criteria, then be sure to select Message contains and follow the procedure.

When I hit my return key to conduct the search I get only those messages that exactly match my search criteria.

Think how helpful this can be if you are looking for a message from your boss about a specific contract, or your nephew’s birthday.





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