Three More Mountain Lion Tips

We’ve all seen this little box when we have selected “Restart” from the Apple menu.

The Close Warning Window

If it annoys you because you have been using a Mac for elebendy billion years and you know what you are doing, you can prevent the box from appearing.  Just remember to press the Option key as you release the mouse on the Restart command.

This same technique works if you choose Shut Down rather than Restart.

Shift ⌘ can take you lots of places. For instance, Shift ⌘ A will take you to Applications.  Shift ⌘ H to your Home folder and Shift ⌘ P takes you to the settings for the application you have open.  Play around with it and make note of the ones that are useful to you.

One way we end up with duplicate documents is by saving them in the wrong place.  This is what happens to me.  I create a document and save it, only instead of saving it to the desktop, it saves somewhere else because I wasn’t careful.  I can get it back by opening the application and looking in the recent documents.  Then I can open it back up and save it properly — two documents taking up space instead of one.

I can’t fix your concentration problems (still working on mine), but I can tell you how to find where you saved the original so you can get to it and save it properly.

With the document open, ⌘ click on the title of the document.  When you do, the hierarchy of the document location will appear and you can go pull it back to the desktop and save it properly.

Find Your File


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