Notifications in Mountain Lion is Cool

I’ve been working with the new operating system, Mountain Lion, since it came out.  I think I mentioned that in my last post.  The latest thing that I have found that I really like is Notifications.

In my opinion the very best part of Notifications is that every time I get an email or message from Message, or a scheduled event from iCal comes due, I get a small banner that slides onto my desktop at the top right of my desktop. The banner only stays a few seconds, but it tells me who the message is from and several words of the content. This lets me decide if I need to stop working and answer immediately or let it wait until I have more time. And, it does not send me notices for anything that goes in my junk folder.

There will also be a new icon on your menu that will let you view all your notifications at once should you wish.

New Icon For Notifications

Click on this icon and your desktop screen will move to the left and any items you have not already reviewed will be listed for you in the Notifications Center. Since it is not possible to do a screen capture of this I took the following photo to try and demonstrate how it works.

Image of Notifications Center

The preferences for Notifications are found in the System Preferences folder. As can be seen in the following image preferences can be set for several applications. I don’t use FaceTime or Game Center, so I marked None for them. For all the rest I marked Banners and I am all set. For those who do participate in Internet gaming push notifications originate from a remote server to Mountain Lion and can alert to to such things as updates on a game.

Setting Preferences for Notifications

If you have an application that has notifications enabled, it will automatically add itself to the list of Notification-enabled applications.






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