Mail Protection Tip That You May or May Not Like

So I have been really busy with the birth of a new grandchild, another grandchild getting married, and trying to learn Mountain Lion.  Life is good.

This Mail tip is not Mountain Lion or Lion specific.  Some people will really like it and some will not find it helpful at all, but at least you will know it is an option.  It has to do with sending email to someone(s) who you did not mean to send the mail to.  For instance mail that should not be sent to anyone outside your company or your family.  Or, mail that must be sent from a specific email address or it will not go through.

I send out mail to a group of people several times a month and it must be sent from a specific email address.  I have 8 email addresses.  If I get in a hurry and forget to designate the correct one, not only does the message not go through until I fix the problem, but for the next 7 days I get an automated message from the server that the message could not be sent.

I suppose I could put a sticky on my monitor that says “use the correct address Stupid”, but that is not a really good solution.  So I went to the Mail preferences to solve it.

With Mail open, select Mail > Preferences > Composing Tab.

There is an option for “Mark addresses not ending with”. In that field put either a specific email address, or in the case of your company just the ending part –  You can put more than one entry in this field, just separate them with a comma.

Mail Composing Preference Window

Below that is the “Send Messages From” option.  Click on the up/down arrows and choose an address.

Now here is the catch and why some people may not like this.  Once you choose an address in this category it will always show up in your from field in your email messages.  While that will solve my problem, it also means that I will frequently have to switch email addresses to one of my other addresses when sending mail.  I have to decide if it is worth it.

You can take advantage of the “Send Messages From” option even if you don’t take advantage of the “Mark Addresses Not Ending With” option if you have a prefered email address.

Got that all straight?  Good.

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