Cool Use For Stickies

If you have lots of things that come to you via email and require followup here is a good trick to make your life easier.

To take advantage of this tip you need to be familiar with the app Stickies.  If you are not already familiar with it, check out a previous blog entry here.  Since writing that blog entry I have devised a different way to keep up with my Stickies.  I have them organized by categories.  Much easier.

I review products for an on-line publication and I always notify the PR contact when a review is published.  Before I learned about this trick, I had to search through emails for the individual to contact. No more.

This also works for tasks you need to follow up on or anything else for that matter that you have in your email account that you don’t want to hunt for a couple of weeks from now.

Create a Sticky and drag and drop the email from Mail to an open sticky note.  When you do, it will be saved as a hyperlink. Put as many on one sticky as you wish or create a new sticky for each one.

Sample of email moved to a sticky

Your original email will remain in your email folder, but you can delete it if you wish since you now have a duplicate saved that you can use.

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