Scam/Dirtbag Alert

I recently upgraded to a new computer and my older 15″ MacBook Pro is for sale.  I listed it on Craig’s List.

So I get this offer, no negotiating about the price.  Wants to pay through PayPal and wants me to send it to California.  I’m asking myself “what is someone in California doing looking for computers in Austin, TX, when they will have to pay shipping and they can’t check it out before they pay for it?”

I decided to play along.  I say OK.  I get an official looking PayPal message that says PayPal has changed their policy and even thought the money has been withdrawn from the buyers account, it won’t be deposited in my account until I forward a copy of the mail receipt. Yeah.  This is not PayPal policy. Then I get an email from the “buyer” saying hurry up and mail it today overnight express because it is a birthday surprise.

At this point I contacted PayPal and forwarded them copies of the two “official” PayPal emails I had received and contacted the “buyer” and told him, in the nicest possible way of course, where he could go and what he could do when he got there.

I really hate dirtbags who try and take advantage of people.

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