One Way To Beat iPhone Spammers

A friend shared the following with me.  It is a way to deal with companies who call your cell phone number and, after determining that it is an active number, sell your number to other spammers.


In the last several weeks, I have gotten calls on my iPhone that are apparently coming from spammers.  I typed the phone numbers into Google and found out that they are most likely some kind of spam.  If you answer them, some will give you a recording saying it is a political survey.  Other times if you answer, you won’t hear anything.  The theory that I have read online is that the spammers are robo-dialing numbers and trying to find out which ones are answered.  Then they try to sell those numbers to telemarketers or other spammers.

It turns out there is no way to block calls from an iPhone.  AT&T charges a monthly fee to block calls.  Verizon will let you block 5 numbers for free.  If you have Verizon, you can log into your account on their website and click on “My Services” and choose “Spam Control.”

But there is a way to stop spam calls from bothering you. You can assign them to a silent ringtone. Then if they call, it will just go to voicemail. I’ll show you how to set up a silent ringtone in a minute. First, here are some of the numbers that have spammed me. They are from the Seattle and Portland areas:

206-496-0950, 0953 (the numbers in between are probably the same spammer too)

One thing you can do if you get spam calls is register your cell phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry.  Their address is:

Now, about the silent ringtone. What you can do is set up a contact in your address book and call it “Ignore.” Then plug in all the spam phone numbers that have called you.

Next, download the silent ringtone from my dropbox to your desktop.  It’s named Silence.m4r.  Here is the link:  dropbox

Open iTunes and do “File / Add to Library.”  Click on the Silence tone on your desktop.

Then sync your iPhone through iTunes.

Then on your iPhone, go into the phone app and go to the contact called “Ignore.”  Tap the Edit button.  Scroll down to the Ringtone tab and tap on it.  Select “Silence” from the list and then tap Save.”

That’s it.  Now if one of the spammers calls you, you won’t hear it.  If you get any new spammers, you can just add their numbers to the “Ignore” contact.

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1 Response to One Way To Beat iPhone Spammers

  1. Frank says:

    Unfortunately the Do Not Call Registry does not work. My cell phone has been registered with them since the service started and I’ve recently started getting SPAM phone calls on a regular basis.

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