How Old Is Your Mac?

A whole bunch of new stuff was announced by Apple today, including some supercool new MacBook Pros.  Are you drooling for one?  I am.  But to get a new one I have to sell the one I have.  One aspect of determining the price is to know how old it is.

There is a very easy way for you to find that out. It is a free download and all it does is provide the age and place of “birth” of your Mac.  The site does request a donation through PayPal. The app is called coconutID 3.0.  Download it here:

As soon as you unzip it and open it, it will give you the information about your machine.  Mine looks like this.

I presume the app gets this information by checking the serial number assigned to your Mac.  Hope this helps.

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6 Responses to How Old Is Your Mac?

  1. Frank says:

    I’m definitely drooling but mine is even older than yours.

    MacBook Pro
    Shanghai, China
    Between Nov 20, 2006 and Nov 26, 2006!

    If this were a couple of years ago I would be jumping on that new Retina MacBook Pro immediately. The problem is that I’m not 100% sure I want a laptop any longer. I do use my current MacBook Pro at both home and the office but I plug it in on the desk at both places. I use my iPad (3) for all true mobile computing. When I head out on business I don’t even take my computer with me, traveling only with the iPad.

    And now that I use DropBox for all my documents I’m really not sure I need to carry the Mac back and forth between work and home. So many decisions 🙂

  2. macnancy says:

    Hi Frank,

    I understand, but don’t you just really want a new toy?

    I keep mine plugged in all the time as well, and use a 24″ monitor with it because I work from home, but I have to review products for The MacObserver so I have to have the MacBook Pro along with my iPad. In fact, I have 8 gigs of RAM and a 1 terabyte hard drive. This time though, I am going with a 13″ instead of a 15″. It’s less money and even when I go out and teach I am using a projector so the 13″ will be fine. I understand they are wicked fast.

    • Frank says:

      I definitely want the new retina one but I’m going to mull it over for a few weeks. After using the iPad with the retina display I don’t think I can buy a new device without one. I can’t wait to see speed tests on them all 🙂

      What do you teach?

      • macnancy says:

        I teach computer skills to beginners. Mostly through our local Mac Users Group. We have 230 members so there is always training to be done and we do a lot of it. I also write a column for The Mac Observer for beginners, review products, serve as president for the user group, and have a part-time job as an editor. In theory I am retired. But, I love teaching.

      • Frank says:

        That is awesome! I teach Computer Science myself. I’ve been a Mac User since 1988 but I’ve never lived in an area that had a large Mac User Group like that! We do have a growing cohort of Mac users at the College where I work though 🙂

      • macnancy says:

        Our group, will celebrate our 20th anniversary in April of next year. Year before last, at Macworld, I gave a presentation to user group people on ways to grow your group. When I joined in 2002 we only had 50 members. Rule #1, meet in a pub that has plenty of parking, a meeting room and sells good food and beer. LOL

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