Using Photo Stream

If you take pictures with an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and run Lion (OS 10.7.2) on your Mac then you will want to know about Photo Stream.  Photo Stream uploads your photos from your i device to iPhoto on your Mac automatically, within minutes.

I’ll talk about the iPhone, but the same steps apply to the Touch or the iPad. This requires iCloud so you have to turn on iCloud to make it work.  Start by turning on iCloud on your iPhone.  Select Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream and turn Photo Stream on.

Photo Stream Window on iPhone 4s

Note: In the time it took me to type the first two paragraphs, this image uploaded to iPhoto via Photo Stream.

Only image files in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, or RAW format can be uploaded to Photo Stream.

In iPhoto Select iPhoto > Preferences > Photo Stream. You must enable Photo Stream.  The other two choices are optional.

This covers the basics and if all you want to do is quickly move your images from your i device to iPhoto it is all you probably need, but there is a lot more information available about Photo Stream.  To see it, open iPhoto and select Help from the menu bar and enter Photo Stream Overview.



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