The Wicked Caps Lock Key

Do you find yourself accidentally hitting the Caps Lock key frequently?  Touch typist do this when typing on unfamiliar keyboards, or when they get in a hurry.  Any time I am working on a big project I find it happens to me two or three times.

When it happens I have to stop and correct the problem.  Well, you can render the Caps Lock key inactive if you wish to.  And it is easy to turn it back on when you occasionally need it.

Select Apple Menu → System Preferences  → Keyboard Icon → Keyboard Tab.

Keyboard Preference - Keyboard Tab

Click the Modifier Keys button.  In the drop down menu next to Caps Lock Key, click on No Action.  Click the Save button.

Drop Down Menu - Select No Action

Now if you tap the Cap Lock key, nothing will happen until you choose to reverse the process.

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