Create Email Templates

If you have to send out the same email message frequently you can save yourself a bucket full of time by creating a template of the message so that all you have to do to send it out is enter the email address of the recipient. This tip works for Mail and it may only work in Lion.  If anyone finds that it works in earlier versions please leave a comment to that effect.

In Mail, click on New Message and enter the subject, choose the from address, and create the message.  Don’t include any salutation, but leave a space for one if you plan on using one.

Sample Email Template Content

Next, select “Save as Stationary” from the File menu.

Save As Stationary Option

A window will open asking you to name your new stationary.  It also tells you that your new stationary (template) will be saved to the Custom section of the stationary picker.

 To use your template, open Mail and select New Message.  When a new message opens, click on the Show Stationary button in the top right corner.  The stationary options will open.  Scroll down to Custom and you will see your template.  Click on it and add whatever additional information you wish.

Find Your Template


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1 Response to Create Email Templates

  1. Hugh Gunn says:

    Doesn’t work in Mavericks

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