Delete Videos From Your iPhone

Do you know how to delete videos or movies from your iPhone.  It’s really hard to find any directions.  A few days ago I tried to sync my iPhone 4s and I got a message that it wouldn’t sync because it was too full.  What?

I don’t keep that much on my phone says I.  I looked, and sure enough it was completely full.  I finally discovered the cause was a TV show that I purchased to watch using my Apple TV.  Unfortunately for me, I used my phone to make the purchase and all the shows had downloaded to my phone.

Note to self, don’t do that anymore.

So I think, no big deal, I’ll delete them all.  Ha!  Two hours later I finally found a little tidbit that gave me a hint.  It’s real easy — if you know how.

Open your video app on your phone and you will see any videos or shows or movies you have stored.  For each one, put your finger over the area where the show is detailed and swipe your finger right to left.  It may take more than one try.  When you do it correctly a red delete box will appear and you can tap that to delete the show.

Deleting Video Files

That’s all it takes.

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27 Responses to Delete Videos From Your iPhone

  1. Frank says:

    I was so glad to see this tip come in today because this was driving me nuts earlier. I had some download failures from iCloud for previous purchases and it was showing multiple copies of the same movie in my Videos app and none of them were actually downloaded. I was now able to delete all but one instance of the movie in question. No matter how many times I try I can not get the Delete button to show up. Do you have any tips?

  2. macnancy says:

    Hi Frank,
    There is only one thing I can think of that might be causing this, and I am guessing. Have you watched the movie yet? If not, maybe there is some built-in protection that won’t let you delete it until you have viewed it. I would like to know if that proves to be true.

    • Kurt says:

      just want to confirm that you won’t be able to do the swipe thing to delete if you haven’t watche the video. so I just skipped the entire video and let the cursor reach the end and end the video for me and voila easy one swipe showed the delete button! Thanks for this tip again.

  3. Thanks. iOS is well designed but some stuff are just a little foreign. For example, you eject a CD by dragging it to a trashcan, who thought up of that?

  4. Elly says:

    I wonder why i cant delete mine? I have a single tv episode i want to get rid of but cant. I am able to delete a video which i synced from my mac using the right to left swipe but not on this one.

  5. macnancy says:

    Hi Elly,

    I don’t know the answer to your problem, but suggest you try the same thing I suggested to Frank and see if that works. If not your options can be to reset your phone back to the basic settings, but that will wipe out everything so make sure you have it backed up. Before you do that, try calling the Apple help line (800 275 2273) or if there is one near you, visit the genius bar at a local Apple store. If you choose an Apple store, be sure to make an appointment first.

  6. pakabbas says:

    thanks bro it really helps

  7. Cameron says:

    I’ve Tried Swiping It A Million Times And NOTHING Has Happened…I Downloaded A Film From The iTunes App ON My iPhone, It Has Jammed At The Processing Stage But I Can Watch The Film If I Have A Wireless Connection…I Want To Delete It Buy It Just Won’t…I’ve Been On iTunes-Nothing Happened, I’ve Done The Swipe Thing-Nothing Happened? HELP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  8. I messed up and deleted videos off my iphone that I wanted to keep can i retrieve it with an app or something? I tried some online stuff but it didn’t help. Also wanted some pictures back please help

  9. Dee says:

    Hi have deleted videos thanks but still have some in my photos which I can’t delete any ideas how to remove them would be great full thanks .

    • macnancy says:

      If you really mean you have videos in your iPhoto files, then they are easy to remove. There is a trash can listed under “Recent” in the left hand column. Just drag and drop the files or images that you want to delete. And don’t forget to empty the trash as well. I wonder though if you meant to say iTunes since removing videos from iTunes can be a problem in some situations.

  10. I truly love your website.. Very nice colors & theme.
    Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my very own site and want to learn where you got this from or what the theme is named. Cheers!

  11. Asad says:

    Thank you very much for the tip first try I do it

  12. Thank you so much. I could kiss you! It was driving me crazy. No more downloading TV shows on the phone….

  13. Nancy Lombardo says:

    I accidentally took a video instead of a still shot and these are the ones I cannot delete from my iphone

    • macnancy says:

      Hi Nancy,

      The primary secret to deleting photos or videos on your iOS device is to be sure you are deleting from the device that you used to take the picture or make the video. Assuming they are stored in your photo collection, you should be able to just tap on the unopened video or the photo, look for the trash can icon and tap it. In iOS 7 the trash can icon is in the bottom right corner. On some of the earlier versions of the iOS you may find the trash can icon at the top. Please let me know if this does not solve your problem.

      • Sarah says:

        Unfortunately, whenever I try to delete a home video, (my children got into my phone and have made at least 30 videos of nonsense) the trash can is greyed out and I cannot seem to delete anything!! I see it there taunting me but when I tap on it, nothing happens. Help! My phone’s memory is very low at this point.

      • macnancy says:

        Hi Sarah,
        Did you try the tip previously posted on this topic? If you did try that and you still have a problem contact me again and we will try and figure it out.

      • Sarah says:

        When I go to videos the only videos there are two that I bought off of iTunes. Not the home videos that are in my photos. So that didn’t work. 😦

  14. Jennie says:

    Nothing works for me! I have 2 movies on my iPhone 5 that I purchased on iTunes and cannot delete them no matter what! When I go to videos after syncing with iTunes onto my computer they don’t even show up! So how can I delete these movies if they don’t appear on the video/movie list on iTunes? Other videos on my phone will have an “x” on the icon when I hold down the button on bottom of my phone – those I can hit the x & delete – no problem! But the 2 full length movies don’t have an x to delete them,what can I do?

    • macnancy says:


      Assuming you are using IOS 7 on your phone, the steps are different from previous versions of the OS, something I had not previously checked. I’m glad you asked this question. I am entering a new tip to address this.

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  16. Marietta says:

    I rarely leave a response, but after looking at through a few of the remarks on Delete
    Videos From Your iPhone | Beginners Mac Blog. I do have a couple of questions
    for you if you don’t mind. Is it simply me or do some of the responses look like they are
    left by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are
    writing at other places, I’d like to keep up with you.
    Could you post a list of every one of your
    public pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

    • macnancy says:

      Hi Marietta,

      Well, I don’t have a Facebook page and only use twitter to announce new blog entries. The reason — I have nothing against those sites, but I take care of a toddler 8 hours a day 5 days a week, write for The MacObserver, am President of a 175 member Mac Users Group, provide training for Mac beginners, and try to provide good stuff for my blog. Occasionally I sleep. lol

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