Safari, Spotlight and Mail Search Tip

There are some easy ways to speed up your searches in Safari, Spotlight and Mail.  Lets start with Mail.

Use – In Mail

I need to find an email that references the iPad 3rd generation which currently has all kinds of names.  If I put iPad in the search window of my Mail program I get upwards of 200 emails to plow through. But, if I put iPad – iPad2 I only get 26 messages to review.  Big difference.

Use Boolean Operators or Maybe Not

Another option is to use Boolean operators in your searches.  However, in my experience Boolean operators don’t work well in Mail if you are using anyone’s name because the search will tap into every name to whom any email has been sent and you will still end up with a long list.

The Boolean operators are: AND, OR, and NOT.  These three words must be typed in upper case to function as Boolean operators.  So if you want to search your computer, using Spotlight, for something specific you can try combining words and Boolean operators to find it.

But, and this is a big but, in my experience this doesn’t work well if you don’t use keywords when you save documents.  You are much better off using Command+F to search your computer for something specific.

Safari Searches

Boolean operators works great for Safari searches.  They can save you all kinds of time.  For example, open Safari and enter Obama AND iPad in the search field.  Instead of getting 5 thousand articles about President Obama, you will get several about him and his iPad, which is what you wanted in the first place.

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