Why Is Safari Doing That?

I’m using Lion and I started having this weird problem with Safari.  I like for Safari to open with a clean page.  It’s the same reason I want a plain, simple background on my desktop.  I don’t want to be distracted.

Suddenly Safari would insist on opening on the last page I had visited.  I would have to wait for it to open and then replace that URL with the one I wanted.  I checked the Safari preferences and they were set correctly to open to a blank page.

Homepage Field Is Blank

I actually put up with this for a couple of months because I was too busy to try and figure it out.  Then someone had the same problem and asked me for help.  Oops.  I had to solve it.  Fortunately the first thing I tried worked.

I reset Safari.

Select Reset Safari From The Safari Menu

When you choose Reset Safari this window will open.  Before you hit the Reset button stop and think.  Reset does indeed mean “everything back to the beginning”.  You can pick and choose the items you do not want to be reset.

In my case, I certainly do not want my Top Sites to be reset.  I do not want to have to set them up again.  Same for the other things I unchecked.

So uncheck anything you want to keep as is and then hit the Reset button.  It is not a bad idea to do this periodically anyhow.  It gets rid of junk and keeps your Safari running smoothly and, probably, faster.

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