olloclip – A Photo Attachment For Your iPhone

If you are a casual photographer and primarily use your iPhone 4 or 4s you should check out the olloclip.  I was introduced to it at this year’s Macworld and am quite pleased with it.


olloclip attached to phone

This tiny attachment  includes fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens. It simply slides over the camera lens on your phone. The MSRP is UD$69.99.  The package includes a carry bag that doubles as a lens cloth. Home page is:

I like it because it is so very easy to use and I get clean pictures from it.  Someone asked me about the pixels, and I assume the pixels are whatever is available through the camera.  The olloclip is not going to affect that one way or the other.

Following are two quick snapshots I made, one with my camera without the attachment and one using the olloclip on wide-angle.  It is easy to see what a difference it made.

Without olloclip

With olloclip


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