Use Safari and Google to Search Without Opening Either One

This tip will let you double check your facts using Safari and Google without ever opening either Safari or Google.

Do I have your attention?

Say you are working on a report for school or work and you include information that you are fairly sure is correct – say when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.  You know it was 1969 and you think it was June because you were out camping when it happened.  But your report has to be accurate.

You can pull up Google and do a search or open and ask the question.  Both of which take you away from your primary task of finishing your report.  Or, you can try this.

Enter your information in your report.  Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in June, 1969. Then highlight Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in June, 1969 and hold down Shift and Command and then hit the “L” key.  When you do, Safari will open and Google will have searched your topic, and provided links.

Sample Search Results

Now all you have to do, in this case, is correct your mistake and keep going.  This trick will even look up misspelled words if you need to look on the net for a correct spelling.

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