Use iChat To Send A Text Message To A Cell Phone

This tip assumes you have an iChat account with an AIM screen name.

If you don’t have cell phone with texting capabilities, or choose not to use those capabilities, there still may be a time when you wish you could text. Did you know you can use iChat to send a text message to a cell phone?

This works with any cellphone in the U.S. that has texting capabilities.  It’s not limited to Apple products.  Here is how it works.

With iChat open, go to the File menu and choose New SMS.   In the box that pops up type in the 10 digit cellphone number without spaces or punctuation.

Press return to return to the Chat window. and type a very short message.  Messages like:  Call me.  Or, turn on channel 4 right now!, or running late, but on the way. When you finish typing your message press return and your message will be sent.

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