How To Generate QR Code

This is your chance to be sorta cutting edge – amaze your friends.  No – amaze your kids.  That’s always better.  More and more people are printing QR code generated information boxes on their business cards, marketing, and organizational materials.  The information boxes look like this:

Beginners Mac Blog Information Box

Chances are you have seen one by now.  These are similar to the bar codes that we all are familiar with.

You make one that contains all the information you want to share, such as your name, email address, phone number, business name, whatever.  Then anyone who has a mobile phone with a camera and Internet connectivity along with a QR code reader app can read and save the embedded information.  The reader apps and the code generators are free.

There is more than one code creator web site, but I will recommend the one I use since I know it is reliable and easy to use.  You can find it at:

Kaywa Code Creation Page

Open the page and enter the information you want included in your information box.  If you want to include several pieces of information just click on the Text button.  If you include a web address or an email address, the system will recognize it and format it properly.  Then choose the Size and hit create.  Your information box will appear in the white area and you can copy and save it.

Readers  Readers for iPhones and iPads are found in the iTunes store.  ConnectMe QR Reader is one option.  Another is QR Reader for iPhone.  And a third is Red Laser. All of these are free.  QR Code Reader HD is $.99  To use them just open the app, read the code using your phone camera, and the information will become visible and be stored.

So far I haven’t found any readers that will automatically save read info directly into your address book, but I hope to find something like that.   Experiment and have fun.

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2 Responses to How To Generate QR Code

  1. Great info. I signed up for kaywa, however it is the usual “bait and switch” site. Not free. is better as it is actually free for basic use.

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