Keychain Within A Keychain

I am a big believer in Keychain.  Right now there are 359 items in my Keychain.  some items are placed in your Keychain automatically as part of your operating system, but you can add any others that you wish.

To get to your Keychain select Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access.

Keychain Icon

If you decide to use i,t you might as well add it to your dock because you will find yourself relying on it so frequently that you will want it kept handy.

I keep all the passcodes for my bank account, credit card on-line payments, etc. in keychain, but I do something extra to keep them secure and that is today’s hint.  You can have more than one keychain.  I have one for regular stuff and another for anything to do with credit.

Keychain Accounts

The one labeled Bank:Credit has a different, more secure passcode and the entire keychain file can not even be opened without that passcode.  Then once I am in the file, passcodes are required to open separate records.

If you already have records created and you create a separate Keychain file, you can drag and drop those existing records into the new Keychain file.  They will be moved, not copied.

To add Keychains, open Keychain and then select File > Add Keychain.  Then go to Edit > Change Password and Change Settings to make that specific Keychain more secure.


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